4 contemporary architectural masterpieces in Athens

The contribution of Ancient Greece to the art of architecture is internationally recognized. Monuments such as the Parthenon, the Academy of Athens, and many more are famous worldwide  for their architectural value and high aesthetics. Despite the fact that they are not as popular as their predecessors, there are few architectural monuments of the 21st century that renew Athens and prove that there are initiatives in Greece nowadays that appreciate good architecture. Read four of these examples below:

1) The Acropolis Museum

Impressive on the outside and sunny and welcoming in the interior, the Acropolis Museum has managed to impress the world with its architecture as well as with its exhibits since when it was inaugurated in 2009. The architectural team which was responsible for the enchanting result consisted of the experts Bernard Tschumi and Michael Fotiadis. The building has won honorary distinctions in Europe and America and it is one of the world's top-class museums.

2) Onassis Foundation’s “House of Letters and Arts”

Since its founding in 2004, the Onassis Foundation’s “House of Letters and Arts” has contributed to the emergence of modern culture, the enhancement of Greek artists, the cultivation of international collaborations, education and lifelong learning. It is a modern space of high aesthetic value where theater, dance, music, visual arts and letters meet. It includes two main halls, a showroom and a restaurant, while its distinctive facade looks like a shell.


OAKA was built in 1982, but on the occasion of the 2004 Olympic Games, it renewed its appearance. After the additions of Santiago Calatrava, especially after the addition of the famous white arched roof, the sports complex managed to stand out worldwide and become part of the elite of modern architectural symbols of Athens.

4) Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center

Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center is a recent addition to  the urban landscape of the city. It is a multifunctional space of education, culture and entertainment of a total area of ​​210,000 m². It includes the facilities of the National Library of Greece and the National Opera, as well as a bourgeois park and other smaller facilities. Eleni Aravani