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Four hangouts with the taste of old Athens

Around Omonoia Square, in the heart of Athens, there are still historical places where time seems to have stopped.Stani” (10, Marikas Kotopouli Str.) is one of the few dairy shops in the city that maintained their traditional identity and were not “upgraded” into pastry shops. Try the award-winning traditional yogurt, tray-baked sweets, classic cakes, and donuts. Antonis Manolessos, a native of Santorini, followed his passion for unique flavours and set up “Bahar” (31, Evripidou Str.) next to the Varvakeios Market in 1940. In the wooden boxes, the sacks and the glass jars you will find more than 2,500 different products from all over the world, ranging from spices, herbs and mineral salts to dehydrated vegetables to rare roots and special flours. “Diporto” (corner of Sokratous Str. & Theatrou Square) is probably the oldest cookhouse in Athens. Dimitris Kololios has been running the place since the ’50s, cooking only a few well-made dishes, such as chickpeas, bean soup, grilled fish, etc. and serving on wooden tables. Dozens of local and imported sausages are hanging from the ceiling of “Miran” (45, Evripidou Str.), which dates back to 1922. Take a seat at the wooden tables at the back of the shop and taste some of “Miran” famous products, such as the camel pastirma and the homemade sujuk.