Trikala, the favourite Christmas city of Greece

Stretching along the banks of River Lithaios and a breath away from Meteora and Pindos; picturesque, environmentally friendly (a city that loves bikes), with new interesting museums, smart-tech applications and the most successful Christmas theme park in the country, Trikala, look forward to the future with optimism. The active Municipality of Trikala is also the mastermind behind the transformation of the old  Matsopoulos Mill first into the city’s meeting point and then into the hugely successful theme park named “The Mill of the Elves”, which last year attracted one million visitors from Greece and abroad. The fact that Trikala is the birthplace of important folk musicians gave birth to the idea for the creation of the new “Tsitsanis Museum”, which was recently inaugurated and is dedicated to the great Greek folk musician, and also of the House of Artists from Trikala, an interactive music museum that uses digital media and is to be inaugurated in 2018. Here, the audience is invited, among other things, to play in the musical maze, finding its way out sooner or later, depending on its performance. Another unknown aspect of the area, namely the fact that Asclepius came from the ancient Trikkaia, will be exploited in the near future, in combination with local healing herbs and wellness suggestions, through yet another thematic digital museum that is about to open in an old municipal building at the foot of Pindos, with the collaboration of the University of Thessaly. Last but not least, in Trikala they use beacons, so you’ll be informed about the city’s points of interest via alerts on your smartphone!