Athens loves good meat

Quality cuts of meat from different breeds is a global gastronomic trend, and Athens is getting in tune with it through exciting new arrivals on the scene. After making a strong start last year with the steak bar that it set up within the “Yolenis Flagship Store” in Kolonaki, the “Farma Bralou” just moved to Milioni Street, in the same neighborhood. Here too, it will have a dual personality, as it consists of a butcher’s shop and a restaurant that opens from morning for breakfast and brunch and continues with a broad range of meats combined with modern dishes. Yolenis’s restaurant will now be called “The Steak Bar by Kiku,” and the list will offer plenty of choices, numbering nearly 35 dishes. Customers will be able to choose what they want from the meat showcase and accompany their food with wine, beer, and soft drinks - all Greek. The “Spit Jack” on Skoufou Street is another exciting arrival in downtown Athens. In the small, atmospheric restaurant, the centerpiece is the rotisserie, where chicken, duck, and pork will be roasting slowly. To accompany them, one will get to choose from among two salad dishes, various sauces, potato dishes, and beers from all over the world. Declaring its official change, of course, the “Mimaya” in Glyfada becomes “Roasted by Mimaya,” starring kebabs, burgers, pork chops, chicken strips, beef steaks, flank, and tri-tip. The hors-d'oeuvres will have a clearly Greek sign, featuring “bouyourdi” –a dish with feta cheese, diced tomato and peppers baked in the oven–, tomato fritters, pan-seared gruyere, and cured ham with fried egg. On Zisimopoulou Street in Paleo Faliro, the small burger joint “Hondros-Lignos” acquires a strong American character, both in terms of décor and food, while in the outdoor space there will be a cocktail bar.