Autumn suits the uplands of Nafpaktia

If you love direct contact with nature and are looking for a destination off the beaten path, the uplands of the region of Nafpaktia will charm you. The Ano Chora is the most developed village in the area in terms of tourist infrastructures. It is built amphitheatrically on a slope of Vardousia Mountains. From its stone-paved center with the agora and the cathedral of Aghia Paraskevi, you can stare out over the mountain peaks from an altitude of 1,030 meters. Kato Chora is a “neighborhood” of Ano Chora and is surrounded by mountains and is full of greenery and running waters. In Limnitsa, a walk in the beautiful square of the village, with the stone fountain and the agelong plane tree is worthwhile; in Terpsithea, the amphitheatrically built stone houses overlook Mt. Panachaiko in the Peloponnese and the Corinthian Gulf. Be sure to visit the villages of Elatou, which is nestled among the fir-trees, Kryoneria with the panoramic views, and Ampelakiotissa, located between the mountains Tsekoura and Ai-Lias. This season is ideal for a trip to the region because many chestnut festivals take place in numerous mountain villages in October. As always, the “Crystal Mountain”, the “good hotel” of the Uplands of Nafpaktos, leads the way with various weekend events that range from chestnut picking in the forest of the hotel to tsipouro drinking to horse riding for younger visitors and much more. The “Omalia Village” in Kryoneria is another noticeable accommodation option in the area. Built on a slope on the edge of a cliff, this complex consists of 18 apartments that share 9 stone-built houses and are all fully equipped and have a kitchen. In the taverns of the Uplands of Nafpaktia, traditional Greek tastes take center stage. In the village of Perdikovrisi, look for the “Taverna tis Marias” and try the braized rooster, the goat kid in lemon sauce, the homemade sausage and the goat cheese. In the village of Limnitsa near the town of Nafpaktos, which will be the starting point of your climb to the slopes of the Uplands of Nafpaktia, you’ll find the tavern “To Tzaki”. Try the stews and casseroles, the pies, and the grilled meats.