4th International Exhibition Greek Tourism Expo

New features, Hosted Buyers from 40 countries, new markets, international participants, alternative tourism, Eco-friendly hotels, innovative services.  Τhe 4rth GREEK TOURISM EXPO, arranges a new meeting with the Greek and International market on December, 8-10 at Metropolitan Expo, for the promotion of Tourism in Greece. Fresh content, with concepts and ideas adapted to the contemporary demands of the market, esteemed exhibitors and thousands of professional visitors promise to open new horizons for the tourism industry, with the contribution of special parallel events, conferences and Workshops, competitions and many surprises. In 2017, the GREEK TOURISM Expo will welcome 150 Hosted Buyers from more than 40 countries, from Europe, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Iran, Kuwait, Qatar, USA, Canada, China and Australia. Ιn parallel, the exhibition carries out a significant, ambitious step towards the Asian markets, such as Japan, South Korea, and India. In view of this, the exhibitors will conduct more than 6.000 Β2Β meetings with the Buyers establishing a strong basis for new agreements. The main sectors of Tourism Industry, MICE & Leisure, Luxury & Business Travel, and City Break will be the main pillar also for the 4rth International Exhibition Greek Tourism Expo, while a dynamic focus will be given to the Alternative and Gastronomic Tourism. The Hosted Buyers expressed their will to increase their sales in Greece in every category of tourism which our country  provide. Many of them will be looking for new collaborations. Below is a glimpse of the Hosted Buyers, indicatively from each country, who have already confirmed their participation and will attend their Β2Β meetings with the exhibitors. Germany - Τour Operator:  With a 22 year old history and the massive number of 35.000 incoming tourists in Greece, this great tour operator office is willing to increase the greek sales.  Turkey - MICE & Business Travel: Organiser of great congresses , incentives and events with  global clients  such as  Wella, Peugeot, Nestle, Mudo, Seker Bank, etc... Russia - Travel Agency: From Ekaterinburg of Russia this travel agency which channeling a huge amount of tourists in Greece ,participates in the GTE 2017 willing to expand  its  operation in our country . USA - Travel Agency & MICE: MICE company with a specialization on Luxury travel  is willing to start strong agreements  in Greece. Lebanon - Tour Operator & Travel Agency, O.T.A., M.I.C.E. : Listed in the top rank of travel agencies in Lebanon and with a list of more than 60.000 collaborated hotels from all over the globe , this tour operator participates in the GTE.  Its top sales in outcoming tourism and the strong credibility  on online booking since 2007, brought it to the top of the Arabic community.  Kuwait - Online Wholsaler: With  11.000 destinations in all cities of Europe, Asia , Middle East, USA and Canada this online wholesaler is looking for new collaborations with Greek companies. Hong Kong – MICE: Τhis huge financial institution with bond and capital portfolios, investing in infrastructure, energy and real estate, employing around 7,000 employees around the world, will look for partners at the Exhibition. U.K.- Wedding Planner: With many  International awards in Leisure & Wedding travel will look to increase business with Greek partners. Belgium - Travel Agency: In collaboration with world-renowned Tour Operators from around the world , wants serious partnerships in our country. Iran - Top Tour Operator, O.T.A. and BedBank: In collaboration with more than 347,000 hotels and resorts all over the world and trade sales in thousands of tourists every year , aims to expand they business to Greece in 2018. United Arab Emirates - Top Tour Operator, M.I.C.E.: With 10,000 tourists in Greece in 2016 and growing demand from its customers for Greece, it aims at new collaborations. Under the Auspice of:  Ministry of Tourism, Greek National Tourism Organisation, KEDE, Ηellenic Chamber of Hotels, Greek Tourism Confederation (SETE), GEPOET, Technical Chamber of Greece, Athens Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Union of Cruise Ship Owners & Associated Members, e.t.c. For more information , please visit www.greektourismexpo.gr