“Van Gogh Alive – The experience”: The multimedia exhibition that has become a massive hit around the world comes to Athens

Try to imagine how it is to tour a 1,500 m2 space where the walls, the columns, the ceilings and the floor bring all the works of Van Gogh to life around you. If this description sounds both appealing and complicated to you, all you have to do is visit this innovative three-dimensional visual approach to Van Gogh’s work called “Van Gogh Alive - The Experience,” an exhibition that has already traveled to 35 metropolises impressing 10,000,000 spectators. From November 7th through March 5th, at the exhibition premises of the Athens Concert Hall, the visitors will have the opportunity to see a multimedia super-show featuring – as if in a remake – all the works of the great Dutch, giving them “flesh and bones” through the use of technology. In the framework of this exhibition, 3,000 paintings, drawings and animations will be displayed through the high-tech SENSORY4™ system on the walls, columns, ceilings and floor, along with information about their creator’s history, and the historical, social and cultural context in which they were created. The spectators will play a significant role in this multi-level experience, as they will be able to intervene in real time – through the social media – while their comments will be displayed in the exhibition, on the special “Facebook & Twitter Wall.”