Why the “5 steps to Longevity – the Ikarian way” is the Greek interpretation of “ZEN”.

Ikaria island, due to its isolation, has been an arc of ancient Greek wisdom and archaic forms of living. It is one of the five blue zones where people live the longest lives on the planet. A plant-based diet, mild movement in a wild, natural environment, an everyday life filled with openness and togetherness, and, finally, a festive spirit, create a unique lifestyle. Most of all, Ikarians’ unique relationship to time is a way of valuing the present moment and never hurrying for the sake of the “future”. The first Experiential Conference “5-Steps to Longevity, the Ikarian Way”, will take place on the 28th and 29th of August in Raches, Ikaria, organized by Ikaria Longevity Retreat. The 2-DAY CONFERENCE introduces the participants to the Program 5- steps to Longevity [Meditation – Diet - Mild Movement (in the water) –Siesta - and Connecting to Others (through theatre)], as formulated by two educators, who have encoded the Ikarian way of living into a Program that is based on the energy of water and the healing power of theatre. The ancient Greeks built their theaters next to_ healing centers, because they believed in the therapeutic, cathartic power of theater. It is really the Greek interpretation of “Zen”, which combines the development of Body, -Mind, and- Soul growth in relation to ourselves and others, in a festive spirit. On the second day of the Conference, a series of Round table discussions will take place on the subject of Ikarian Longevity with distinguished guests. Ikarian –happy- Longevity is the way Greek wisdom and life-style