Three new hotels opened their doors in Athens

When a historic warehouse turns into a neat industrial-style hotel, drawing inspiration from the industrial past of the buildings in the district of Psyrri and the neighborhood’s transformation into a hub of creativity, then “18 Micon Str.” is created; hence the tagline “Athenian hospitality redesigned,” which gives us a first indication of the hotel’s style. The “18 Micon Str.” is located in the heart of the Psyrri area, at No. 18, Micon Street, a street that has been named after an Athenian painter and sculptor who was active in the 5th century BC. In the 1930s and 1940s, the building was the warehouse of one of the first tool merchants in Athens, and then operated as a shop. The “Lozenge Hotel” opened its doors at No. 6, Valaoritou Street in Kolonaki, giving a fresh impulse to an old hotel. The building’s façade features an eye-catching aluminum construction, and geometric designs embrace the balconies with the lavender pots. The elegant hotel’s terrace “sees” the Acropolis; while, on the ground floor, a vertical garden in the high-ceilinged atrium that was reconstructed lets the eye wander in the sky of Athens. If you are a fan of modern design and do not want to get away from the historic center of Athens, then the “Athenaeum Grand Hotel” is the right hotel for you. The 90 comfortable rooms and the 2 stylish Penthouse suites with unlimited views of Athens perfectly complement the luxurious aesthetics of all the hotel’s interiors.