Aegio is the well-kept secret of the Achaean Riviera

If you’re looking for a low-profile destination just a short distance from Athens, then Aegio is made for you. The second largest city of Achaia, which goes by the nickname “Balcony of the Corinthian” thanks to the magnificent views of the sea, is now only 90 minutes from Athens after the recent inauguration of the Olympia Odos, while the thorough remodeling of the coastal front has brought some fresh air. Aegio is built on three levels (beach, Agios Andreas’ district, and the center). Start your walk from the Psila Alonia in the heart of the town, a beautiful, large square located next to the municipal park and behind the bustling Mitropoleos Street. Sit on a bench and enjoy the panoramic views of the Corinthian Gulf and Central Greece in the background, and then take the stairs that start from the back entrance of the park to reach the beach. After 3 minutes you will be in the oldest and most picturesque quarter of the city, Agios Andreas, which is hanging from the edge of a rock. From there you will go down to the harbor and the seafront. Cafés, young people, taverns, bar and an endless promenade will monopolize your interest. The highlights are the imposing stone-built raisin warehouses, the old train station and the railway track next to the sea. If you feel like taking a longer walk, you can go east, walking along the roads designated for bicycle riding and running, and end up to the Alykes wetland that is designated as a “Natura” area, as it hosts over 120 bird species. Another highlight of the area is the coast between Aegio and Patras to the west. Beautiful beaches, clear and fresh waters, greenery and tranquility, make up an idyllic scenery.