Four springtime one-day excursions not far away from Athens

Nafplio is one of the cities of Greece that you always have a reason to visit. The beautiful scenery, the walks along the picturesque alleys that hide pleasant surprises and a unique, postcardlike beauty make it irresistible. Start your walk from Syntagma Square with the typical old buildings. Climb to Palamidi to enjoy the view, walk along the beach to the rock of Akronafplia and gaze at Bourtzi, which looks like a marine satellite of the city in the distance. The all-time classic destination for a day excursion in the Saronic Gulf, just 35minutes from the port of Piraeus by flying dolphin, is the island of Aegina. Starting from the scenic promenade on the waterfront that is dominated by the colorful neoclassical buildings, the floating grocery stores, and the fishing boats get lost in the alleys around the fish market and take a look at the imposing public buildings that breathe the air of an older era. On the coastal road, you can rent a bicycle and explore the island on two wheels. Aegio is a coastal town in the Peloponnese that came closer to Athens thanks to the brand new motorway that was inaugurated shortly before Easter. Your starting point will be the Psila Alonia Square in the town’s centre, which is considered to be the best “balcony” over the Corinthian Gulf. From there, go down the stairs to reach the seaside and the harbor with the cafés and the promenade, an up-and-coming district following the recent remodeling. Walk or rent a bicycle to arrive at the Alykes to the east, a wetland next to Alyki beach where you can even have your first swim in the sea if the weather allows. Last but not least, Delphi, one the most important archaeological sites in Greece, are the best option for those who want a springtime experience that combines nature and great archaeological interest. Once you have finished the archaeological tour, look for the easy downhill trail that starts from the town of Delphi (you will find the signs on the main road) and leads to the neighboring village of Chrisso, giving you splendid views of the valley of Delphi.