Motorcycle tour in Laconia

The region of Laconia has a long tradition amongst motorcycle enthusiasts because of its amazing routes, "wild scenery" and picturesque villages. Its history, the monasteries, the medieval castles, Cape Tainaron (the southernmost point of European Mainland and one of Hades’ gates) create an amazing puzzle of pictures. The route was easily decided as we wanted to explore the vast history of the place, its amazing castle towns and wonderful caves and enjoy riding through some of the nicest routes and picturesque villages Peloponnese has to offer. First stop, at the capital of Laconia, King Leonidas’ birthplace, the city of Sparta! Today, we wanted to ride the middle leg of the Peloponnese peninsula, visit the unique caves of Diros and, of course, the southernmost point of mainland Europe, Cape Tainaron. Our route took us through wild mountainous scenery and villages like Vatheia. This is the Dekoulou Monastery in Mount Itilo. A unique monastery with amazing Christian paintings, especially the dome that depicts the Christ Pantocrator surrounded by the zodiac circle. Vatheia, a deserted stone built village. A walk in the past! Diros caves with its amazing stalactites and stalagmites. A trip via raft, in one of the most beautiful cave complexes in Europe! Tainaron Lighthouse, the southernmost point of mainland Europe. Ancient mosaic and the necromancy of Poseidon in Tainaron After a wonderful trip we indulged in amazing Greek delicacies. During our final day, we rode towards the caves of Kastania, the Geopark of Santa Marina with its fossilized palm trees and the unique medieval town of Monemvasia. A wonderful three day tour was ending with amazing pictures engraved in our minds and hearts. The “wild” scenery, the twisty roads, the history, the monasteries and villages wet our appetite for more adventures to come. We will surely return. We always do… article by Andeli® Mototouring, www.andelimototouring.gr