The cream of USA cocktail bars in Athens for one night

The team of the award-winning bar “The Clumsies” in central Athens (30, Praxitelous Str.) organises a special event on Thursday, March 9. Six award-winning American bars will be hosted in the context of the “American Dream Bar” and will present their finest creations in an evening with a strong tasting and fun character. After last year’s “The Clumsies Hotel Bar”, in whose context it presented the best hotel bars in the world, and after touching the exoticism of the Far East with “The Clumsies Asian Bar”, now the creative team of “The Clumsies” turns its attention to the other coast of the Atlantic, bringing to Athens for an evening American bars that are included in this year’s list of the 50 best bars in the world (“The Clumsies” holds the 9th place in the same list). We are talking about the “Employees Only” (# 7), the “PDT” (# 45), the “Dante” (# 34) and the “NoMad Bar” (# 8 ) in New York; the “Trick Dog” (# 35) in San Francisco; and “The Walker Inn” (# 37) in Los Angeles. The event will take place in a building in the commercial district of Athens, and the surrounding area will be laid out in the style of an American neighborhood with many street-art elements. Each token will cost € 10 and will correspond to a signature cocktail of your choice.