A Reference Tool for Greek Civilization

Every step you take in Greece, and every island landfall you make, you are accompanied by thousands of years of recorded history. Every stream, every hillside has a myth to give it meaning. Stop for a moment to appreciate the deep past entwined in the Greek present.   ToposText is a new website and free mobile application for Apple and Android devices. It maps thousands of ancient places in Greece and the ancient Greek world. Each place is linked to the ancient texts - Greek historians, poets, mythographers, geographers - that give it meaning. Carry in your pocket a huge free library of classical texts in English, each one indexed with places, gods, and humans. Press a button to see the ancient sites near you, and tap to read the original sources of the myths those sites inspired. • Accurate coordinates for thousands of historical and archaeological sites and museums. • Each site indexed to the ancient literary sources that mention it. • A huge, free, portable library of classical texts in English • Texts and places stored on-device - no internet access necessary. • Location-aware display of site information. ToposText is a project of the Aikaterini Laskaridis Foundation. Data compiled by Brady Kiesling, programming by Pavla A.E. For more information contact: info@laskaridou.gr topostext@gmail.com