Fifty shades of.. Cycladic blue

Cyclades. The name it self tastes of white and blue! -Small chapels, stonesteps, sunrises and sunsets, -sea and salt .. The small houses so bright white your eyes hurt in the warm sun -and then the blue.. The Cycladic blue on the church roofs, the old shutters and the Greek blue doors. They all blend together with the dark blue Aegean sea and the clear blue skies. Making it a pallet of blue in all shades.. “Cyclades” refers to the group of islands around the sacred island of Delos. The birthplace of the immortals as the mythology tells us.. Even the God of Light, Apollo, and the Goddess of hunting, Artemis, is being said was born on this mythical island. The Cycladic islands forming the circle around Delos gives us white villages in different sizes, beautiful and rough nature, architectural sights and fishermen’s harbors. Together they all make a part of the original and historical Greece worth visiting. Now we might not become immortal after our visit to the Cycladic islands, but we will most definitely feel that we are alive! article by goantiparos.com see original article here