Romantic excursion in the uplands of Corinthia

The uplands of Corinthia – within easy reach from Athens – are one of the most favorite destinations for couples of all ages, as they combine the alpine element and a romantic ambiance. Dense forests of cypresses and black pines, lakes, plateaus, spectacular hillsides, large and small villages form a vibrant backdrop also for those looking for action in nature, as there is also a small winter sports centre. The busiest place is by far Trikala, which is divided into three districts (Ano, Kato and Mesaia Trikala, namely Upper, Lower and Middle Trikala), while on the other side of the mountain, the valley of Feneos and Lake Doxa await you to offer you moments of relaxation. The lake, in particular, is magnificent, with the picturesque church of Aghios Fanourios in the middle, a forest embracing it and the possibility for horseback rides along its shores. Very close to another lake in the region, Stymphalia, you’ll find the excellent “Environment Museum of the Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation,” one of the most beautiful museums in the provinces of Greece. Delicious rustic flavors and premium quality local meat can be enjoyed in all the taverns of the area. In “Feneos”, in the namesake village, don’t miss out on the bean soup and the stews. In Mesaia Trikala there is the sui generis “Opos Palia” and “T’ Agnanti”, which affords spectacular views of the plain. In Ano Trikala, the most popular tavern is the “Dekleris”, which serves specialties such as the braided and stewed lamb intestines and the browned ewe in red sauce. As far as accommodation is concerned, the guesthouse “Efcharis Filoxenon” in Feneos banks on personalized hospitality and homely coziness. In Kato Trikala, the “Hyades Mountain Resort” offers unobstructed views to the Corinthian Gulf and excellent aesthetics. Last but not least, the “Colours Chalet” in Mesaia Trikala is a particularly romantic option.