Activities in Messolonghi

Kite surfing & Wind surfing in Messolonghi Several beaches around Messolonghi city are ideal for kitesurf and windsurf! The diversity of coastline with deep and shallow water, moderate and strong winds are the ideal prerequisites for Kite and Wind surfing. Some of the most ideal beaches on the west coast of Greece is Messolonghi lagoon, Dioni, Tourlida and Kryoneri! Surfers from all over Greece regularly visit Messolonghi to train! Sailing in Messolonghi Sail enjoy the beauty of western Greece. Sailing in Greece is a beautiful experience reaching beaches and places no one have been there before using a common transportation vehicle. Deserted beaches, isolated islands and a wide area of deep blue waters compose a unique scenery. Especially if you sail along the coast and the blue waters of Western Greece and you enjoy Ionian Islands, which are considered as the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean, then sailing appears to be the ultimate experience. The great depth of the Ionian appropriate to sail a short distance from the coast. The many islands (Zakynthos, Kefalonia, Lefkada, Ithaka, Beech, Makri, butterflies, Vromonas, Echinades Islands etc.) and rocks in the area form a very interesting marine and underwater scenery that will fascinate you. For those who wish there is the possibility to rent a sailing boat in the harbor of Messolonghi! For the racing sailing enthusiasts there are several matches (Patra - Fidaris / Evinos - Beech - Kryoneri) organized during the summer months starting from a port of Patras and the port of Lefkada with stopover port Messolonghi! Cycling in Messolonghi The town of Messolonghi is classified as one of the flattest cities in Greece exactly at sea level with some city parts below this level. It is a city that invites you bike through the narrow streets of the traditional center and roads around the city by the sea. Being a new visitor to the city you will see a certain number of cyclists on the city streets, but by time you will get used to it! It is the place for anyone who loves cycling to enjoy a bike ride, a very popular mean of transport for youngsters and elder residents and visitors of the city. The town of Messolonghi is geographically situated between the Sierra Arakynthos and Messolonghi – Etoliko lagoon which is also part of the National Park of Greece. The terrain is recommended for on-road and off-road trails. Asphalt, semi asphalt, gravel paths next to the sea, river, mountainous and hilly areas compose the picture of the choices you will have visiting the Holy City of Messolonghi. The city of Messolonghi and the surrounding mountainous, hilly and plain areas with the specificities of the mountain and the sea will delight you and you will want to explore the compatible and the rough paths of the region. Very well marked trails, meet the demands of all levels of fitness and strength while the natural landscape will excite you and rejuvenate you! On the outskirts of Messolonghi organized bikes races and MTB racing (Galatas Mtb & Road Race 2016, Nationwide cycling) take place! Paragliding in Messolonghi Just 10 km from the city of Messolonghi are the mild slopes of Varassova mountain. The Varassova mountain is known as one of the best paragliding sites in Greece. The slopes are mild, accessible and unobstructed. This place is truly a magical place and we strongly recommend it for paragliding lovers! Flying over the blue waters of the Ionian Sea will make you feel a sense of freedom and rejuvenation. Recommended for novice teaching. Large ridges is the perfect setting for high flying and cross country flights! Climbing at Messolonghi Varassova Mountain is located eastern of Evinos River and western of Antirrio harbor, opposite of the city of Patras. It is an ideal climbing destination! It is a huge volume of limestone which heights 917 meters. In ancient times it was called Chalkeia. The Greek climbers took their first steps in Varassova in 1958, when Varassova holds a special place in the hearts of Greeks and foreign mountaineers. The climbing slopes of Varassova descending in Kryoneri village area, is one of the three most important climbing areas of Greece. The Varassova distance about 15 km from the city of Messolonghi. Along with Meteora is one of the most famous climbing areas in Greece, but do not worry about the climbers crowds: there may be other climbers during the weekends, but the days from Monday to Friday is more than likely to have the slope all yours! Fishing & Diving in Messolonghi Diving is today one of the most exciting water sports. The sea is a fascinating world, full of mystery and calmness. The bright colors on the seabed, diversity of sea creatures, amazing underwater landscapes of Ionian Sea and Patraikos gulf are waiting to be discovered. Greek seas are known for rugged full of caves, cuts, rocky points, seabed and stunning marine life. Underwater caves, great reefs, ancient sunken cities, famous shipwrecks compose an invisible world! The Messolonghi lagoon - Etolikou with the two of the largest rivers of Greece, Evinos and Achelohos, create one of the most fertile deltoid ecosystems of Greece! Fishing and spearfishing in these areas will excite you for sure! Techniques such as Spinning, Jigging, Casting, Trolling, angling, deep and shallow sump stony and sandy bottom pieces, cuts etc are some of the fishing options you may have to catch some fish! Canoe- Kayak and Rafting in Messolonghi Nautical Club of Messolonghi in cooperation with the Greek Federation of Canoe - Kayak with the municipality ICS Messolonghi and the Region of Western Greece organize the Messolonghi lagoon - Etoliko National Championship Canoe Kayak Flatwater Development & SUP. Because of the lagoon location, the large stroke length, the specificity of the region which facilitates the direct supervision and operation and its low depth is the perfect training destination of many groups. Greek national teams and other groups of countries arrive each year in the Messolonghi in order to train at their famous sport in the waters of Messolonghi - Etoliko lagoon. Rafting lovers can visit Evinos river to enjoy nice walks in and out of the river. The river is just 15 km from Messolonghi and provides visitors the opportunity to take part in various sports activities like Abseiling, Climbing, Archery, Riding, Kayak, Mountain Biking and Hiking riverside. Evinos is one of the ideal Greek rivers to enjoy rafting or canoeing. Easy and pleasant river for beginners. Ideal place Rafting is the Hani Bania. The usual route is 9 km. article by www.snt.gr & glyka-apartments.gr photo Panagiotis Kotsarinis