Sporades: a Great Choice in the Aegean Sea

Why the Sporades? Beautiful nature, warm population. Not a massive touristic destination. Cheaper than many other European Countries.


The island’s main town, which bears the same name, Skopelos, is situated on the north east side of the island. Here was my accomodation. Just few steps from the city center. All the major beaches are on the south side of the island (Some of them are: Stafilos, Agnontas, Panormos, Kastani my favorite island, where you’ll find a small cafeteria and cool music). As a result I spent the days at the beaches in the south side and the evenings in the north side, in Skopelos town, where I dined and enjoyed its nightlife.

Of course, the nightlife here was not as crazy as Vegas. The Sporades are less known compared to other Mediterranean destinations, but very beautiful still! During the day you can enjoy the seaside, there is ample room for everyone at the beach. There are also several tours offered by tour operators in Skopelos. In the evening in the center of Skopelos you can enjoy from the many restaurants, souvenir shops, ice cream shops, and one little but nice nightclub. A lively atmosphere but at the same time relaxing. The first day I got there I decided to rent a bike, but….not the best choice ever… 

Getting around Skopelos

There are several ways to get around in the island: by bicycle, by car, by the scooter or by quad. Regarding myself, I used the convenient bus service, starting from the second day of my holiday. There are rides starting at 6.45am until 8.00pm, every stop is just next to the beaches. I definitely recommend it! If you take you accomodation in Skopelos, you can move easily by foot in the evening, having dinner, walking a bit, and drinking something in a bar. Skopelos, however it was just my first stop on my trip Greece Summer 2016, now it’s the time of Alonissos.  

What to do in Alonissos

Patitiri is the Alonissos’ port and the main town of the island. I liked Skopelos but with Alonissos it is love at first sight! It reminds me Formentera, although much more quiet. There are less inhabitants compared to Skopelos but still you will find many tourists here. Back to the main point: the island. Its beaches are breathtaking: the Caribbean? Maldives? certainly beautiful, but, trust me, Alonissos is awesome too. Each beach has its own peculiarities: rocky beaches, to sandy beaches, the red sand beach…, a great variety and incredible quality. I barely believe that Alonissos is not as famous as Rhodes , Santorini, etc. Obviously the island being less populated and less known, has a quieter night life, but during the day the choice of activities are many: hiking, biking, scooters, quads, and so on! In the north of the island there is also a National Marine Park. So if you’ve never been here, well, think about that, it could be an idea for next summer!  


In 2008 the islands of Skiathos and Skopelos hosted the shooting of the Mamma Mia movie!, produced by Universal with Meryl Streep, Colin Firth, Pierce Brosnan, Amanda Seyfried, Julie Walters, Christine Baranski, Chris Jarvis and Stellan Skarsgård, Dominic Cooper.