Meteora: a place to see at least once in life

Amazing! There are not other words to describe this extraordinary part of the continental Greece. If you’re looking for freedom and a mystical nature you’re in the right place. Many times it seems how the man has managed to create sacred places in difficult conditions like these and how these places are evocative and suggestive. In these spaces they built the facilities for religious worship, the monasteries that can be visited are six. Six monasteries built on crags that even today it is hard to understand how they were created, although there are some reliable theories. The huge rocks have marked for a long time the history of Orthodox monks and they have been the refuge by foreign oppressor. They have been the cradle of the Orthodox cult and preserved untill now. The comfortable road of 15 kilometers runs between the nature. It allows to find hidden and breathtaking views. It will happen to have the desire to stop an indefinite number of times. You will want to photograph all these amazing views. Each corner will reserve you a new and different overview that will remain forever. On this road that runs alla round the rocks, you can find parking and very special sights where you can see the city of Kalambaka and Kastraki. The meteors are felt free. You are alone with the immensity and force of nature. And sometimes it scares a little. We always used to have everything under control, when we find ourselves in front of the majesty of this places, we feel, instead, very small and powerless. The view from the rocks is beautiful and the monasteries observe everything from above. Each monastery has stairs that lead to the entrance. Some time ago the steps had been carved into the rock, they have now been settled and they are definitely passable. It is great to see the pulleys still in operation as long ago when it was necessary to use these ways to be able to exchange messages with the outside. I was especially impressed by this place in mainland Greece. It has been too exciting as well as exciting it was all my trip in Greece. These beautiful places have nothing less of the most renowned Greek islands in the Aegean Sea. Here was the history and today I think I am lucky to be able to visit places like these. Since I came back home I continue to recommend everyone to visit Meteors, a place that will remain forever in my memories. article by Emanuele Ghidoni and recyourtrip.com