The “aperitivo” is the new trend

The bar scene of Athens is admittedly burgeoning - not only following but also creating trends. Impressive conceptual menus, imaginative twists on classic recipes and light, attractive cocktails (LBV) accompany our brunches and now the time has come for them to become the basis of a proper Italian “aperitivo”. The Italian casual habit has now acquired significant proportions, and you can get to know it in depth at various cocktail hot spots in Athens that keep pace with developments. One of them is the tiny “The Gin Joint” - located a breath away from Aghias Irinis Square - that pioneered this culture and taught the regulars of the Athenian downtown that gin is not necessarily drunk with tonic. Two new entries in the bar scene of Athens feature lists that focus on the “aperitivo” trend. The “Odori Vermuteria di Atene” on the lowers side of Klafthmonos Square is the first authentic “vermouteria” in Greece, where, besides the aperitif of your choice, you can find authentic pizza baked in a wood-burning oven. “Pepe Aperitivo” in Tsakalov Street, in the heart of the district of Kolonaki, puts emphasis on well-made accompanying dishes. In Keramikos, the “Ble Papagalos” – namely, the Blue Parrot - is a favourite choice for after-office cocktails to the sounds of swing music, while in Kato Petralona, the “Upupa Epops” also gets crowded early. The convenient location of “The Trap” - a breath away from Syntagma Square – coupled with the exquisite signature cocktails have turned it into an attraction (in the afternoons), while the “CV Distiller” - hidden behind the Hilton Hotel - tempts whisky enthusiasts with one of the most updated lists of its kind.