Hot neighborhood: discover Kato Petralona!

The district of Kato Petralona that borders those of Ghazi and Thissio enters the fun map of Athens with new suggestions for food and drink. The area will be a favourite with those look for hangouts with an alternative character. An increasingly popular meeting point is the brand new all-day bar “Upupa Epops”, its unusual name deriving from the scientific name of the hoopoe. The central courtyard, the old building, the jazzy-funky music and the bar that serves good cocktails have already made (many) fans. One of the first hangouts to open in Kato Petralona), the café-bar “Spirtokouto” (a.k.a. “SPRTKT”) takes the pop culture to new heights if you consider that the list is a ... Gameboy! Our next stop is the all-day café-bar “Lola” that is located in a picturesque spot below the train tracks, between Thissio and Petralona. Tables set outside, large windows and a ping-pong table in the basement for endless plays with a drink! In Ious Square we find the cooperative café called “Perivolaki” that imports coffee from the Zapatista cooperative of “Ssit Lequil Lum” and “Fair Trade” drinks, while “Labori” (from the English word “labour”), in Ergatikis Protomayas Square, is a youthful café-meze bar. Moving toward a more ethnic direction, the Thai restaurant “Andaman” with the beautiful terrace adds an exotic touch and pleasantly “breaks” the urban landscape with its flavors and a bar that serves excellent cocktails.