Freerunning in Santorini

SANTORINI, Greece - Against the backdrop of Oia’s majestic scenery, Bart Van Der Linden from Netherlands landed at top podium, outrunning the competition’s favorites DK and Pasha and grabbing his first title ever at Red Bull Art of Motion. The stunning competition proved for another year that there are no limits in raising the bar of freerunning, showcasing up leveled tricks and outstanding athlete runs. During the Finals, Van der Linden was awarded 383 points by the panel of judges (out of a maximum 500 points), having performed a very technical and highly difficult run, still maintaining an awe-inspiring flow. “I can’t believe this is even real! I told myself to remain true to my own style, do my thing and that’s what got me to the first place. I’m the happiest person in the world right now!” said the rising champion. Alfred Scott (USA) earned himself the second place, scoring a total of 379 points, thus landing a perfect “cast gainer” as the Best Trick of the whole competition. Online qualifier Adrian Joey (USA) pulled out all the tricks from the sleeve, showing great stamina that landed him third with 376 points. The 6th edition of Red Bull Art of Motion brought together the top athletes from 13 different countries, with more than 3000 fans packing every single vantage point, from balconies to rooftops, overrunning the cobblestone streets of Oia. Lynn Jung (LUX) won the Best Female Award, strongly representing the uprising female community of freerunning. Final Results: 1. Bart Van der Linden (NED) 383 points, 2. Alfred Scott (USA) 379, 3. Joey Adrian (USA) 376, 4. Calen Chan (USA) 369, 5. Pedro Salgado (POR) 359, 6. Nathan Weston (USA) 350 Pictures free for editorial use: Predrag Vuckovic, Samo Vidic