Peter Brook returns to Athens

Peter Brook, the 90-year-old iconic British director, is always “to the point” and ahead of his time. Restless as he is, he never ceases to explore the intersection of cultures in his own unique way and continues to develop a theater centered on man. He is a master who has traveled a lot and continues to test pedagogic and stage practices while - let us not forget that – it was him who connected the physical and devised theater with multiculti ceremonial traditions from different parts of the world. The Indian saga of “Mahabharata” is arguably his magnum opus. It is a great text that presents visions of humanity and looks into the divine through an ancient story that reflects the key themes of the Indian culture. Along with the author, Jean-Claude Carrière, he reworked the existing material of the “Mahabharata” to create a new work called “Battlefield”, which catches the thread from the point where the Bharata family is torn apart by the war and tries to make sense of the atrocities they have experienced. * At the Theater of the “Hellenic Cosmos” Cultural Centre (254, Pireos Str.) from October 20 through October 27.