The Olympus National Park in Greece you need to visit

Situated in northern Greece on the border of Macedonia and Thessaly, Olympus National Park is one of the most visited parks in Greece. It is like no other place, given the fact that it looks different if you go there. There is also something new waits to be discovered. In the event you want to see many wonderful deep valleys with steep slopes, just head there. Want to know more about this National Park? Check them out here This National Park covers an area of 238,411,000 m2 at an impressive 9,570 feet. As a matter of fact, Olympus is the highest Greek mountains. It is the symbolic home of the gods of the ancient Greek world. The mythical Olympus mountain found there consists of 52 peaks. The terrain contains many charming features such as alpine meadows, sheer rocky peaks, deep gorges, and thick forest. There are huge clusters of pine trees, plus rare tree fossils there. However, how to get there? Maybe, you are wondering how could you get there. There is a better and quickest way you can do while going there. You can choose a rental car that will take you there. It would also be very easy for you to explore this park as you want. What else could you find out in this park? The park itself has much more to offer. Flora, fauna and natural landscapes are lovingly preserved in this National Park. This place is home to over 1,700 different species of plant. Olympus is full of trees, not to mention the rare plants you can find that perhaps you have never seen. As a case in point, there is the rare Bosnian pine if you go higher on the mountain. Apart from that, you can uncover animal species like wolves, chamois, deer, lynx, wild cats and wild boar. There are also many different species of birds  including golden eagles, woodpeckers and thousands of insects, as well as a vast number of butterflies. Indeed, if you are walking and hiking to Olympus mountain, there are several mountain refuges where you can find accommodation. article by Corine Smith and www.gpluxurycarhire.com