Low-abv cocktails are trendy

The low-abv cocktails are undoubtedly the dominant trend in the good cocktail bars of Athens. We are talking about those cocktails that are made either with drinks with a relatively low alcohol content (liqueur, wine, beer or vermouth) or with basic spirits in smaller quantities. The result is pleasing, easy-to-drink, playful and almost innocent as a concept. The mixologists pay more and more attention to them, especially this time of the year that suits them perfectly. So, keep them in mind as you thumb through the lists, as they are often indicated separately, as is the case in “Noel” and “Theory”. At the “Blue Parrot”, which now set its tables outside, the Mediterricano, with Skinos, Aperol, cucumber, celery, and grapefruit soda will introduce you to this category in the best way. You should also check out the “360 Cocktail bar”, where Alexandros Kechagiadakis will serve you the Athenian Sunset with rosé wine, Roots herbal liqueur and soda, or the New Clear Sangria, with white wine, Edmont Briottet Crème De Figue liqueur, orange liqueur and sugar syrup.