A reason to travel: the brand new Mastic museum in Chios

The Mastic Museum that just opened in Chios presents the history, the economy and the cultural heritage of this island in the eastern Aegean in a unique way. Only there you can smell the scent of the countryside and feel the mystical atmosphere when the tears flow from the mastic trees - these magical trees that reach up to 3 meters in height and live for hundreds of years. The museum is located near the village of Pyrgi, in the south of the island, and is housed in an architectural masterpiece in perfect harmony with the landscape. A single visit is enough for you to become party to the growing and production stages of mastic: this magic ingredient that gives us one of the most famous liqueurs of Greece. The almost experiential outdoor exhibition on dirt roads will bring you a breath away from the earth and the nature that thrives, letting you imaginarily join the threads of the past, the present, and the future. Besides, the mastic was declared a natural medicine by the European Medicines Agency (EMA), with therapeutic properties for indigestion problems and wound healing.