The director of the film Adventure in Greece shares some points with us

The director of the film Adventure in Greece Taavi Vartia, lends the Visit Greece Team an interview. Let’s discover his point of view!

1. What inspired you to film in Greece? Fourteen years ago, when I was filming the adventure tv-series in the archipelago of Finland, it came to my mind, that Greek archipelago would be a great location for filming, too. The blue sea and fantastic locations on the islands are very inspiring. It was my dream to shoot a film in Greece so I started to search for a Greek co-producer. I found Inkas Films and producer Lilette Botassi, and we have now been developing different productions for many years. Filming this movie is one of our collaborations.

2. What was your favourite film location in Greece? Blue sea itself is always so beautiful and exotic!

3. Have you ever been in Greece before on holiday? During the past six years I have been here many times, not for holidays but for developing the film productions. I have lived in Athens for several years. When I was young, I was on vacation in Greece a couple of times.

4. What advice could you give from personal experience to future film directors to film in Greece? Some locations need to have special permissions - as many countries of course. Here in Greece you might need to be extra patient for getting those permissions, like for shooting in archeological ruins and other historical locations. The other advice - be thankful for people’s wonderful hospitality and give your heart to them, Greek people deserve it.

5. Could you share a blooper moment while filming in Greece? The first which comes to my mind is when the main character - a 15-year-old boy - fell from a little boat into the water twice. It takes a lot of time to dry the clothes for the next shooting...