A delicious visit to Thessaloniki's museums

Thessaloniki's Museums with their breathtaking views over the Thermaikos golf or their beautiful green gardens, promise to offer you  relaxing spots before or after your culture-oriented visits. They will also provide you with the right setting for a romantic haute cuisine dinner in a tasteful environment. Follow us on a tour to the most famous ones.

Museum of Byzantine Culture

The Museum of Byzantine Culture welcomes you in its restaurant called B (Veta in Greek) right in the heart of Thessaloniki City. The early birds among you can have their coffee and breakfast from 8.00am onwards; you can visit it during your lunch break or enjoy a romantic dinner in the evening. Greek cuisine flavours are mixed with French and Italian ones, promising to you a memorable gastronomic experience. The restaurant is arranged in a modern style, yet within the architectural standards set for the Museum area, with references to the city’s byzantine past.

Where: 2, 3rd Septemvriou Ave., Thessaloniki
More info: brestaurant.gr

Teloglion Foundation of Art

You will find the Enfant Gâté Restaurant on the first floor of Teloglion Foundation of Art which is part of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Surrounded by tall plane trees, this modern, minimalist style space, facing Agiou Dimitriou St., welcomes you with a menu that comprises Greek cuisine dishes mostly from Thessaloniki and northern Greece. The wine list includes Greek variety wines only. If you visit the place with your kids, there is a playground by the restaurant to keep them happy and busy!
Tip: The restaurant is open until the wee hours of the morning.

Where: 159A, Agiou Dimitriou St.
More Infoteloglion.gr

Museum of Photography

After your visit to the Museum of Photography, enjoy a cup of coffee at the café/ info point that affords a dreamlike view of the city harbour and the waterfront. Learn more about the art of photography through special publications and watch the museum’s short films on the subject.

Where: Warehouse A', Port of Thessaloniki
More info: thmphoto.gr

Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art

Visit the café of the Museum on the building’s ground floor, enjoy its variety of beverages and alcoholic drinks in an environment where the present converses with the past and modern artworks create a harmonious ensemble with Roman monuments and architectural members.

Where: 154, Egnatias St. (inside the International Trade Fair premises – HELEXPO) Thessaloniki
More info: momus.gr


The Planetarium Barestau at Noesis (Thessaloniki Science Centre & Technology Museum) is a great choice for those who want to enjoy their meal or drink in a place with a magnificent panoramic view of Thermaikos Gulf. When the weather is good you can enjoy the restaurant’s very large verandah, until late at night. On weekdays the museum and the Planetarium Barestau have the same opening hours.

Tip: on Fridays and weekends the restaurant stays open until late in the evening.

Where: 6th Km. Thessaloniki – Thermi National Road
More infonoesis.edu.gr

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A delicious visit to Athens' museums

Beautiful atriums and courtyards, balconies with breathtaking views and green gardens have been shaped as part of museum premises in Athens promise to offer you relaxing spots before or after your culture-oriented visits.

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