Lake Trichonida

During antiquity the number ‘three’ symbolized perpetual life-giving movement and by extension the unceasing flow of water. Trichonida owes its name to precisely this tradition. It is the largest lake in Greece, located in Aetolia-Acarnania, south of the Panaitoliko and north of the Arakynthos mountain ranges.

The shores of the lake are greatly varied; in some place they are steep, creating unique landscapes, and in other places they are so gradual and vast that they look like a beach. The delightful villages around Trichonida form a community pulsating with life. The main settlement is Thermo, north-east of the lake. Apart from its natural beauty, the area is well-known for its spas and excellent varieties of citrus fruits.

Trichonida belongs to the Natura 2000 network due to the great importance of its endemic flora and fauna.

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