Museums of Ioannina

Archaeological Museum of Ioannina: It is located in Litharitsa park in the city center and was designed by famous architect Aris Konstantinidis. It includes findings of international fame, from different periods and from the broader area of Epirus. The most important findings are those from Dodoni archeological site and from Acherontas River, while remarkable exhibits (vessels, coin collections, treausres etc) come also from other areas such as Vitsa, Dourouti, Laka of Souli, Pogoni etc.

Byzantine Museum of Ioannina: It is located in the internal citadel of the city castle (Itch Kale) where Ali Passa serai (residence) was. It includes collections of old Christian and Byzantine sculptures, ceramics, books, post Byzantine icons from the prefecture churches (16th to 18th centuries), as well as a collection of silver items which are kept on the so called “Thisavrofilakio” (“Threasure House”) housed in citadel building (19th century).

Municipal Museum of Ioannina: It is housed in Aslan Passa Mosque (1618) on the NE citadel of the castle, where the Byzantine palaces once were. The museum exhibits traditional costumes, collections of wood and silver items, furniture, traditional textile works, various vessels etc. Mentrese (Muslim School) of the Mosque exhibits Rapakousi collection.

Folklore Museum of Ioannina: It is housed in a renovated neoclassic building and includes church items, local costumes, ceramics, traditional works of art etc. Its exhibits are unique in the area of Epirus and some of the most important in Greece.

Municipal Gallery of Ioannina: It is housed in Pirsinella mansion and exhibits works of famous Greek painters.

National Resistance Museum of Ioannina: It is housed in a reconstructed mentrese (Muslim School) opposite the Cultural Center of the Municipality of Ioannina.

Epirot Studies Company (E.I.M) Conventions Center: It includes collections of prints and Byzantine icons.

Limnaia: N. Pavlidis personal collection exhibited in Du Lac hotel. The collector exhibits shells from the lakes, the rivers and the ground of mountain Epirus.

Pre-revolutionary Period Museum: It is located in the island of Ioannina and is housed in a cell of Panteleimonas monastery where Ali Passa was murdered. Its collection includes exhibits from the period of the Ottoman occupation, Ali Passa’s personal items (documents, Kira-Vassiliki outfit etc). In another cell of the monastery you can see the archives of the island’s monasteries.

Pavlos Vrellis Wax Museum: It is located in Bizani village on the national road Ioannina-Athens and is housed in a building constructed according to the standards of the traditional local architecture. Its exhibits are of their natural size and impress the visitors with their ductility and expressiveness. The themes are taken from New Greek history, focusing on the pre-Revolutionary period and the Second World War. More info:

“Lazaridis” Flora & Fauna Museum: It includes approximately 2.000 plants taken from Vikos gorge and the surrounding area of Vikos-Aoos National Park.

“Agapios Tolis” Museum of Popular Art: It exhibits domestic items and traditional costumes of previous centuries taken from Zagori area.

Carpet & Handicrafts Exhibition – Ano Pedina: It exhibits carpets and handmade textiles from the surrounding area of Zagori.

National Center of Woven and Handcrafted Products - Monodendri: It exhibits handmade textiles from the surrounding area of Zagori.

Traditional Saracen sheep pen – Gyftokampos: It is an open air museum with exhibits taken from Saracen life and operates during summer in Giftokampos Skamneliou location in traditional strawy huts.

Exhibition Center of the Ministry of Culture: It is located in Konitsa and is a photograph exhibition of the archeological and historic sites of the area.

Exhibition center of Watermills-Bourazani: It is a traditional watermill and exhibition about the impact of water on the area life throughout history.

Environmental Park – Bourazani: It is a park with wild animals of the area and an exhibition regarding the lifecycle and the history of the animals.

Museum of Natural History & Folklore: It is located in Mazi-Konitsa and includes exhibits from the surrounding areas.

Museum of Epirus Craftsmen: It is a museum that informs about the development of stone buildings in the area of Epirus by famous craftsmen of Sarantaporos valley.

Tositsa Foundation: It is a remarkable exhibition hall of Epirus folklore art, with representations of traditional local houses and collections of artworks and coins.

Averoff Picture Gallery: It is a remarkable gallery where you can find works of famous Greek painters, sculptors and engravers.

Ostrakorama: N. Pavlidis personal collection which is exhibited in Diaselo exhibition center and includes approximately 100 species of shells from seas of all over the world.

Museum of Water Engines – Anthochori: It is located in Anthochori village in Metsovo and is housed in the territory of a renovated traditional watermill.

Museum of Popular Art – Elliniko: It includes collections of exhibits from the broader area of Tzoumerka and Katsanochoria.

Museum exhibitions of Plaisia: It includes collections of exhibits from the surrounding area of Tzoumerka and Katsanochoria.

Religious-Historic-Cultural Museum of Matsouki: It includes exhibitions (scripts, rare icons) taken from the famous Vizila Matsoukiou monastery and from other churches and monasteries of Tzoumerka area.

Folklore Museum of Pogoniani: It includes collections of everyday life items, rural tools, costumes and woodcrafts from Pogoniani North Epirus area.

War Museum: It is located in Kalpaki on the road Ioannina-Konitsa and includes pictures and items from the Second World War.