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The Broken Jug

The National Theatre presents the performance " The Broken Jug " by Heinrich von Kleist.
An 18th century engraving and his personal bet on whether he could compose comedy were the reasons for Heinrich von Kleist to write “The Broken Jug”. The play, first presented by Goethe in 1808 in Weimar, brings to the stage Adam, a judge who is called upon to unravel who broke an historic jug in Eve's bedroom, while he himself is the prime suspect. Eve's mother sues her fiancé, and the case becomes complicated. The spectator knows the offender, but anxiously awaits the outcome of the trial, in which with comic suspense is revealed how the vices are covered up.

In The Broken Jug, Clyst, the brilliant 19th century writer who influenced literary movements from realism to expressionism and existentialism, makes his protagonist, Judge Adam, to conduct an investigation against himself and comically inverts the Oedipus myth, which is his model.
Satirizing social conventions, fantasies of a glorious past, the travesty of justice, and the disadvantaged position of women in the face of the arbitrariness of male authority, The Broken Jug is still a masterfully embroidered folk comedy.

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