Aeolian land

Aeolian Land by Elias Venezis, directed by Takis Tzamargias, is presented at the National Theatre (Rex Theatre – Stage “Marika Kotopouli”) from December 11th 2021 to April 17th 2022.

Aeolian Land deals with childhood innocence and the painful separation from Asia Minor a few years before the Great Catastrophe, which took place exactly a hundred years ago.

Aeolian Land springs from the roots of the trees of Anatolia and from the mountains of Asia Minor known as the Kimindenia, before journeying from a family estate over the waves of the Aegean. In the same way, little Peter travels with his beloved sister, hearing the secret voices of nature and the calls of caves and gorges, and listening to the sounds of the earth and the water.

Elias Venezis nostalgically records his childhood memories of Kydonies, Asia Minor, from the early 20th century until 1914, when the first pogroms began.
His grandparent’s estate is open to everyone. Like a Homeric king, his grandfather opens his home to passers-by and they in return tell the family stories from the magical world of the East. These tales, full of sounds, colours and smells, will form indelible memories that stay with the young hero forever.

Surtitles: English

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