Zagori Mountain Running 2022

The leading ultra-trail event in Greece and favourite athletic comes back on 22-24 of July 2022.

Find the race that suits you best, or even try a new challenge, since there are four (4) categories available, covering distances from 10 to 80km. Ideal start is the Entry Race of 10km for new comers in the trail running. The kids’ race called “Zagoraki” concludes the age group, offering to the families the chance to spend quality time altogether, sharing common activities in combination with a summer holiday in Zagorochoria, in Epirus, by the end of July.

The 46 villages known for their architecture and their outstanding natural beauty, their stone bridges of the famous craftsmen from Epirus region, the Vikos canyon, the Vradeto steps, the Voidomatis river, the churches, the mansions, the rich biodiversity; all these will captivate you and at the same time will give you the thrill and the energy to make it to the finishing line.

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