Swedish symphonic metal pioneers Therion close their European tour with a live show at Piraeus Club Academy | Loulou is Present.
Therion's story begins in 1987, when Christofer Johnsson breathed life into the group that originally started as a death metal band called Blitzkrieg. Influenced by Celtic Frost's album, "To Mega Therion", he named the band "Therion", which originates from the Greek word "θηρίον".

The 180 degree turn of the band occurred in 1996 when with their album Theli, Johnsson left behind the "hard" vocals and adopted symphonic parts and soprano singers in his music, managing to "marry" musically the metal atmosphere with operatic vocals, creating a unique, theatrical effect.
From then on, the fame of Therion as well as Christofer Johnsson himself, skyrocketed, both with Vovin, Therion's best-selling album, and with subsequent releases, Deggial and the "super-productions", Lemuria and Sirius B. They were followed by Gothic Kabbalah, Sitra Ahra, Les Fleurs du Mal - the very bold project to celebrate their 25th anniversary, consisting of metal covers of French pop songs from the 60s and 70s - the metal opera Beloved Antichrist and the most recent, released in January 2021, Leviathan I - the first part of the mythology-inspired trilogy, due to be completed by 2023.

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