Passenger live

The performer and composer of "Let Her Go", Passenger, one of the biggest hit singles of the 21st century, will be in Athens for his first concert in Greece, on October 22, 2023 at Gagarin.

"Let Her Go" is not just an incredibly successful song. It is the 24th video in total views in YouTube history, with over 3.3 billion views. It is also the 44th most played song in Spotify history, with over 1.7 billion streams and it went platinum in many countries. The British singer-songwriter thus managed to live every musician's ultimate dream: to achieve that, he moved to Australia, where he became a street artist, slowly building his connection with the audience. In 2012, he recorded and released the album "All The Little Lights" which featured "Let Her Go", the song that changed his life and brought him to the global spotlight. In total, Passenger has released 14 albums, with 8 of them entering the top 40 of the UK charts. Songs like "Simple Song", "Sword from the Stone", "And I Love Her", "The Way That I Love You", "Everywhere" have tens and hundreds of millions of views, making him one of the most prominent folk-rock artists of our time.

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