Release Athens welcomes the unique Nightwish, on Wednesday, June 7th, at Plateia Nerou! The famous symphonic metal band will perform songs from their entire career, in their biggest so far concert in Greece.

Nightwish’s lead songwriter and keyboardist Tuomas Holopainen, one of the most outstanding composers of the metal genre, formed the band in 1996. The release of their second album, “Oceanborn” (1998), gave them international fame and the release of “Once” (2004) led to a commercial and artistic triumph that turned them into one of the top bands worldwide. Since then, the equally important, “Imagin aerum” (2011) and “Endless Forms Most Beautiful” (2015), as well as the more recent “Human. :II: Nature” (2020), are top examples of symphonic metal that few bands have ever created.
Nightwish remains the epitome of demanding composition with a cinematic approach full of passion, melodies, unique operatic vocals, and epic metal outbursts! Floor Jansen’s stage presence (lead singer of the group for the last decade) is compared to few others and her voice to no one!

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