Martha Mavroidi Quartet

Martha Mavroidi with her quartet are coming to Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center on Sunday, February 5, 2023.

Five albums and 13 years after her debut “The Garden of Rila” (2009), which caused a sensation in Greece and abroad with its unique blend of folk and jazz elements, Martha Mavroidi is now introducing to us her new quartet, as a guest of the Jazz Chronicles concert series. At the time of her debut, she was dubbed a “rising star of Balkan music.” She went on to travel across Greece, Europe, and USA, collaborate with the likes of Savina Yannatou and Eliza Carthy, and conduct the traditional choir Rodia. Currently, she is performing together with three other musicians from the broader genre of musical improvisation. The quartet is known for its characteristic sound that blends the aroma of the Balkans and the Middle East with the modalities of the Eastern Mediterranean and jazz harmonies. Somewhere between East and West, between traditional and contemporary music, the piano-bass-drums-electric lavta arrangement and the voice of Mavroidi constitute a unique musical proposition, unbound by geography or acoustic biases.

Doors open at 20.00
Pre-sale is required. No order of priority will be available on-site.

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