Petit Paris d’ Athènes 2022

100 years after the destruction of Smyrna we are becoming conscious of its significant heritage in the present.

The Petit Paris d' Athènes pays tribute to and recognizes the impact of the overall culture of Ionia on Athens and Greece today. The cultural mosaic of Smyrna, both in music or in the other arts was a point of reference in Anatolia and the entire Mediterranean. Its echoes still reverberate from the Middle East to the depths of Europe. All those cultural components are the source of inspiration for our Festival’s creative resources in 2022.

From rebetiko music to frangolevantiniko and café chantant, there will be theatre, dance and music performances, street shows, art and photography exhibits, lectures, discussions, with painting in public spaces, educational programmes and games, in addition to the well-established Jazz n World music festival, the Petit Paris d’ Athènes 2022 will attempt to connect with the cosmopolitan nature of Smyrna in 1922.

For the 10th consecutive year yet another ten-day celebration of art and culture will take place in the center of Athens, with over 500 artists, creatives and intellectuals taking part in many selected venues (theatres, musical stages, galleries, squares, pedestrian routes, music conservatories, schools, neoclassical/historical buildings, hotels and other alternative spaces) ranging from Omonia Square to Larissa Station, Metaxourgio and Agios Pavlos, where many streets have French names and have for many years been a meeting point for Athenian urban culture, Greek vernacular folk tradition, immigrants, travellers and visitors.
Under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture and Sports.

Contact: petitparis.athenes@gmail.com, pr.petitparis.athenes@gmail.com

From 29/09/2022 to 09/10/2022
Daily 09:00 - 22:00

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