The village of Santa Claus

For the 19th year, Oneiroupoli will dress the city of Drama in festive attire and open its gates to welcome its young and old visitors, from 4 of December 2022 to 8 of January 2023.

For about a month, the municipal garden and the central square of the city will be transformed into a stage and all visitors into protagonists in the ultimate Christmas fairy tale. Since 2004, the love of the millions of visitors to Oneiroupoli has made the city of Drama the capital of Christmas. Based on the catalytic contribution of all those who have contributed to its growth in the past years, Oneiroupoli is evolving, changing its philosophy and is waiting for the public to visit it to see a renewed and fairytale-like Christmas theme park, the largest in Greece! 

Every day, hundreds of different free activities, artistic events, and thematic workshops are offered. Youngsters and those who feel young have the opportunity to dance and sing, play, exercise their creativity, draw and paint, and have others paint them. They can also meet Christmas heroes and fairy tale protagonists, cook, do experiments, contribute to the social work of institutions and associations...   From 4 December 2022 and for more than a month, the dream city opens its gates for a fantastic journey into the Christmas season!

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