Animasyros 2023

ANIMASYROS 2023 will take place from Tuesday 26 September to Sunday 1 October 2023 in Syros, the capital of the Cyclades.

ANIMASYROS 2023 returns in September with a main focus on Animation and Ancient Greece, a tribute to the Iberian Peninsula and Latin America and a focus on female creativity. The artistic program of ANIMASYROS 2023 includes7 competition sections, special tributes, training sessions, events, new local and international collaborations as well as the Agora, the industry event which has emerged as a reference point for the industry of the East Mediterranean region. The main focus of this year’s festival, entitled Anima Ancients, is dedicated to Animation and Ancient Greece aiming to highlight the different ways in which the contemporary animation scene has reinterpreted, negotiated or been inspired by this long historical period. This year’s educational workshops inspired from Ancient Greece are aimed to familiarize children, young professionals, adolescents with disabilities as well as the elderly with the basic animation techniques as well as call them to experience new ones, such as “sand animation”.

The opening with the national premiere of the multi-award winning film Nayola, the tribute to the Iberian Peninsula and Latin America, Animation and Ancient Greece as the main focus of this year’s festival, the two legendary Disney directors and the new speed dating sessions of the Agora are just a few highlights of ANIMASYROS 2023!

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