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This year the Aleuromoutzouromata in Galaxidi will be taking place on 18 March. The history of the custom of Alevromoutzouroma has its roots in the depths of the centuries, probably in the Byzantine era during which the clowns of the Hippodromes painted their faces.

© George Tzafos

Since the beginning of the Pre-Lenten Season, almost every day, a fire was lit in the neighbourhoods. In many cafés in the city, music bands were playing music until the early hours of the morning. The culmination of this carnival celebration was the Koulouma of Galaxidi on Clean Monday.
People would gather at the 'Agora', in the port of Galaxidi, and start the flour war, the infamous Alevromoutzouroma, in which only men took part. They attacked each other by throwing flour at each other's faces, heads, clothes and all this with laughs, jokes, fun and joy. To this day, the custom of the Alevromoutzouroma remains unchanged in time and is an attraction for thousands of visitors, young and old, who every year participate actively, with fun and joy.

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