Vrysaki In search of the lost quarter

In the Aerides Bath, a monument from Ottoman times that encapsulates images and sensations spanning centuries, the Museum of Modern Greek Civilization, visual artist Artemis Hatzigiannaki, and journalist and writer Nikos Vatopoulos presents the exhibition "Vrysaki" until Sunday 31 December 2023.

This exhibition sheds light on the anthropogeography of the lost quarter of Athens, known as Vrysaki, which was located in the area now occupied by the archaeological site of the Ancient Agora. Vrysaki was expropriated and demolished in the early 1930s to facilitate excavations conducted by the American School of Classical Studies. Objects from the Museum's collections interact with watercolors by artist Artemis Hatzigiannaki to vividly portray aspects of everyday life in Vrysaki and its broader vicinity, which encompasses both the Aerides Bath and the Museum of Modern Greek Culture. Artemis Hatzigiannaki aims to evoke a collective sentiment based on memory and loss. Assisted by journalist and writer Nikos Vatopoulos, who has been following Artemis Hatzigiannaki's artistic career, the exhibition will be complemented by a range of events designed to offer the public a multifaceted experience. These events will include talks, guided tours, screenings, and more.

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