The Other Sea

The Historical Archive-Museum of Hydra presents the exhibition entitled “The Other Sea”, from 29 of October 2022 to 28 of February 2023.
The traditional caique "Eleni P", declared as a historical monument by the Ministry of Culture, transported food from Skiathos to Hydra for over 50 years. This was the main reason for the transfer from Skiathos to Hydra of the exhibition "The Other Sea", which is taking place, also, in the context of the anniversary event of the Historical Archive-Museum of Hydra and the Municipality of Skiathos for the 100 years of the Asia Minor Catastrophe.

As a minimum tribute to the 100th anniversary of the Asia Minor Catastrophe, a visual and symbolic group installation, with the participation of forty distinguished visual artists, was designed, based on a true historical event of the island of Skiathos: the complete evacuation of Agia Paraskevi of Cesme, by its inhabitants shortly before the tragic events of 1922. Saving a great number of people and escaping themselves with their famous fishing boats just before the disaster, they sought a new home in Skiathos.

Most of the works are presented inside the Museum, in its large exhibition space. Most of the works, with a few valuable archival exceptions, were realized for the needs of this exhibition and refer to three-dimensional and two-dimensional depictions of memory symbols of the Other Sea, or fishing boats and other small ships that become the rescue of the refugees from Agia Paraskevi to Skiathos and, at the same time, their basic means of survival, after their arrival in Skiathos.

The exhibition is organized by the Historical Archive-Museum of Hydra and the Municipality of Skiathos and is curated by the Art Historian Irida Kritikoy.

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