The Extinguished Candelabrum - Images for a Waiting World

The Silversmithing Museum (Itz Kale) hosts the exhibition "The Extinguished Manuscript-Images for a Waiting World" by Iro Nikopoulou from March 10 to September 11, 2023.

The temporary exhibition is presenting by On the occasion of the 25th of March anniversary, the Cultural Foundation of Piraeus Bank Group (PIOP) the temporary exhibition "The Extinguished Candelabrum - Images for a Waiting World" by Iro Nikopoulou at the Museum of Silversmithing.
The artist organises her work in three symbolic sections, reflecting 200 years of history of the new Greek state through comparisons and contrasts. In the first section, the sculptural iron candelabrum with the extinguished candles and the wooden iconostasis, in the form of an enlarged liturgical ecclesiastical triptych with historical figures, corresponding historical events and relevant symbols, attempt to record the changes that have taken place in Greece over the last two hundred years, both on a national and global level.
In the second section, entitled 'Postmodern Hellas 2021', three varied digital compositions on canvas are presented, the central theme of which is a historical landmark of Athens, the Old Parliament building.
In the third section, twelve paintings of digital synthetic portraits on canvas, based on visual artworks by artists of the period, each framed by a leading work by Iro Nikopoulou, form digital palimpsests that "biographise" corresponding important figures of the Greek revolution.

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