The Byzantine World of Tasos Mantzavinos

The Byzantine and Christian Museum presents the temporary exhibition entitled "The Byzantine World of Tasos Mantzavinos".
In more than 100 drawings, crafts, paintings and fabric works, the artist's dialogue with Byzantine culture, art and Christian worship is presented.

In the work of Tasos Sp. Mantzavinos, from the 1990s and onwards, iconographic elements that have their origins in the Byzantine tradition appear gradually, to become denser during the last decades and finally dominant in the artist's work. The Orthodox parish church, offerings, amulets, the dragon-killing Saint George, portable iconostases, and the polyphonic universe of Byzantine decorative art are important sources of inspiration and presented thematically in the exhibition.
In the Byzantine cultural tradition, which reaches back to the popular Byzantine art of modern times, but also in an experiential relationship with Orthodoxy, Tasos Mantzavinos discovers an important part of his artistic identity and transforms it into a personal pictorial vocabulary without elements of copying or sterile imitation. Through the interaction of the Byzantine tradition with the present, the artistic idiom that bears his signature was born.
In this Byzantine and Christian Museum's temporary exhibition, most of the artist's drawings and works are presented for the first time.

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