Taphoi kterizein

New finds from ancient cemeteries of Milos

In the last decades, the Ephorate of Antiquities of Cyclades has carried out rescue excavations on the island of Milos, following requests for building new tourist accommodation or expanding the extended island's mines. This copious research has enriched the archaeological map of the island with many new sites of interest. The variety of finds that came to light changed the archaeological data and highlighted the timeless importance that Milos had in the Aegean.

© Ephorate of Cyclades Antiquities -YPPOA © Alessandro Scarsi

In the vestibule of the museum, the Ephorate of Antiquities of Cyclades designed and implemented a new temporary exhibition entitled "taphoi kterizein. New finds from ancient cemeteries of Milos”, in order to showcase important new finds from this recently excavated cemeteries and burials of the Mycenaean, Archaic and Roman times.

Reflecting a significant act of ancient burial ritual, the various offerings that accompanied the deceased reflect the societies of their time, revealing aspects of their beliefs. Afterlife gifts and at the same time evidence of the life itself, grave offerings are precious threads that connect us to the past, weaving once again stories of ancient Milos.

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