Profiles of you

National Museum of Contemporary Art presents (Project Room 2 - 3rd floon) the solo exhibition of Erica Scourti "Profiles of you" from 28 January to 7 May 2023.

© Erika Skourti, Unlusts, 2019 Live performance at Wysing Polyphonic festival, 2019 Photographer: Jonathan Crabb

In her distinctly autobiographical work, Erica Scourti deploys humour, irony, parody and self-exposure to engage with emotion, intimacy, work, doubt and self-improvement as well as examining the artist’s role vis-à-vis technology. Her work is an ongoing process of self-narration in which personal biography meets the collective, the personal meets the political and the real meets the fictional. Her visual practice starts from a process of self-observation and a systematic recording of daily life and digital habits through the creation of audio-visual diaries and collages. Through a systematic use of social media, her mobile phone, applications and the web, Scourti creates text-based works on fabric or paper and performances, videos and collages characterised by a lo-fi, raw and immediate aesthetic. Viewers become voyeuristic witnesses to her personal life, in addition to becoming witnesses to phrases, words and concepts with open-ended and multiple meanings. 

The exhibition at National Museum of Contemporary Art is her first solo exhibition in Greece and as well as her first major museum exhibition. 

Curated by Daphne Vitali.

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