Τerry Tsiolis ’ first major museum presentation, entitled “Portraits” and featuring new work produced between 2013 and 2021., is presented at the Benaki museum from November 18th to December 5th 2021.

The series marks a shift from the high-production editorial work for which Tsiolis is best known towards a more intimate photographer / subject setting. Composed of still photographs and short videos, Terry Tsiolis: Portraits focuses on everyday people of varying age, gender, body type, religion, and race from around the globe. In this series, total inclusivity was a primary concern for Tsiolis.

Tsiolis was born 1969 Montreal, Canada and lives and works in New York, NY. He is known for his work in fashion photography, and has worked extensively with magazines such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and Vanity Fair. His work has featured musicians and actors like Rihanna, Margot Robbie, and Jane Fonda.

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