Plásmata: Bodies, Dreams, and Data

Onassis Stegi returns to Pedion tou Areos Park. One year after “You and AI”, our new digital art exhibition “Plásmata: Bodies, Dreams, and Data” explores the body, be it ours or the other’s. Be it individual or collective, human, non-human, or – ultimately – planetary. Running from May 23 to July 10 at Pedion tou Areos, with 25 international pieces, 40 solar batteries collecting energy to create an artificial moon, and a huge red planet, “Plásmata” promises to entertain us but also to give us pause for thought in the Athenian summertime.

“Plásmata” opens at the statue of King Constantine I and reaches all the way to the Alsos Theater and the pine forest that lies beyond.

This year, the exhibition will follow pathways that ask us to discover parts of the park that are not, in the main, known to the general public. We’re inviting exhibition visitors to explore those Pedion tou Areos areas that run alongside Alexandras Avenue – the side where the statue of the goddess Athena stands – and to wander around the digital pavilions and events sited in the clearings and flowerbeds hidden away inside the park.

During your visit at the exhibition in Pedion tou Areos, you can read or listen to more information about the works by scanning with your smartphone’s camera the QR codes next to each work.

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