Medusa Art Gallery

The exhibition entitled “Medusa Art Gallery” presented at the Benaki Museum from March 24th to May 22nd 2022, looks back over the almost 40 years of the Medusa Art Gallery’s lifetime, which was cut short by the premature passing of its founder, Maria Dimitriadis.

This journey presents the entirety of Maria Dimitriadis’ personal art collection, which, in accordance with her wishes, has been bequeathed to the National Gallery – Alexandros Soutsos Museum. Moreover, it includes works belonging to Medusa’s associates, collectors and institutions, on loan to the Benaki Museum especially for the current exhibition, in order to be as illustrative as possible of the character of the gallery itself and the style of the artists it promoted and represented.
Through a loosely chronological timeline and a wealth of photographic and archival material, but, most of all, through a sequence of units based on the eclectic affinities between the artists and their works, the exhibition not only showcases the historical development of the Medusa Art Gallery and the avant-garde – even in current terms – nature of Maria Dimitriadis’ choices, but also rouses thoughts and questions regarding an entire life cycle of Greek art galleries from the post-junta “Metapolitefsi” era until the present. Shining through this voyage emerges inevitably the distinctive personality of Maria Dimitriadis, who left an indelible mark upon the Athenian art scene of the past four decades.

The exhibition presents over 200 works by 59 artists and will be accompanied by a fully illustrated 450-page catalogue, published in separate Greek and English editions. In addition, the exhibition is complemented by a series of simultaneous events (guided tours, round table discussion, etc.), the details and dates of which will be announced shortly.

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